Crochet Project: Kaleidoscope Blanket

Most of my crochet time over the last week has been spent making a fun granny square blanket.
Granny square blanket draped over a wooden chair Close-up of colorful granny squares.
To make this colorful little blanket, I used size F, I, and K hooks with Elegant Yarns Kaleidoscope yarn in "Confetti" and "Sun Rise" colorways and some unlabeled off white colored yarn. I worked 30 basic (3 dc, 2ch) 3-round granny squares out of the colored yarns. Then, I crocheted the squares together, using THIS neat granny square technique. I am pretty obsessive about things lining up, which this joining method does NOT do (as warned in the tutorial), but nonetheless, I really like this method of joining - it almost makes the blanket look like one big granny square.
close up of more colorful squares in pink, maroon, yellow, gold, green, blue and purple. Close-up of the granny-square style joining and edging of the blanket made in an off-white colored yarn.
A few of one of the blanket corners, made with the granny square stitch pattern in off-white yarn. completed blanket laid out flat.
The result is a neat baby/toddler/pet sized blanket (32 inches by 39 inches) which, as usual, is available for trade.

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