Crochet Project: Car Seat Blanket

I finished the border of the Car Seat Blanket for my cousin while we drove back home on Easter. I've washed and dried it, wrapped it, and mailed it so it'll be there in time for the baby shower this weekend. I used 3 skeins of Bernat Softee Baby in the Baby, Baby colorway, which is soft pastels and white. I used a small amount of a skein of Bernat Softee Baby in Pale Blue for the border. The blanket was crocheted with an H hook.

I started out following a pattern, but I quit following it when it came to my attention that the blanket would be unsafe and unusable as written. The pattern called for a flat back piece with a rectangle at the top and leg shaping at the bottom, with a front piece to be sewn to the back to make holes for the baby's legs to be placed in. The baby would be swaddled in the middle of the blanket, and strapped in the car seat wrapped in the blanket. It's not safe to put anything between the car seat straps and the baby. So I just did a wide rectangle of half double crochet stitches with 3 rows of single crochets for a border, with the intent that the blanket can be draped over the car seat after baby is safely strapped in. I wish Bernat would quit printing this pattern on the ball bands of their yarn.

Car Seat Blanket stitches
Car Seat Blanket border
Car Seat Blanket - Complete


  1. That safety issue in the design is bothersome. Glad it was easy to modify to still get a nice blanket.

  2. I have also been working on this pattern. I had the main section and body section finished and then also read from others that it is unsafe...however, the picture from Bernat with the pattern doesn't seem to match up in my opinion. I find that in the picture it looks like to same sized rectangles attached together with a large slit in the middle so that it shouldn't interfere with buckling in the baby. However, upon a closer look you see that some of the blanket is under neat the straps (which wouldn't necessarily need to be if made how I described I thought it was, if that was understandable).

    Anyway, I want really to go ahead and finish this the way the pattern says, but I am really not understanding the finishing directions.

    I am very disappointed in this pattern...I was hoping to have a great blanket done by the time my baby decides to make his or her entrance...I have exactly one week until my due date and need to think of a plan.

  3. To me, the finishing instructions made it sound like the body section was attached to the main section down at the bottom/waist by stitching through both sets of stitches, so yes, the top half of the blanket would wrap around and over baby's shoulders. I hope you can figure something out, Sarah!


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