Crochet Project; Surreybelle Scarf

I received this pretty, soft Nashua Handknits Julia yarn in "Anemone", unexpectedly, as a "prize" (Thanks, Kim!). As soon as I saw/felt it I knew I wanted to use it to make a Surreybelle scarf (pattern available as a download on Ravelry). It's a simple pattern, quick to work up, but makes a complex looking/feeling scarf.
8 photos showing the progression of this fancy shell-patterned purple scarf from start (yarn skeins) to finish (modeled by a person).I used a size H hook and just repeated the pattern until I had used up all of the yarn. So this scarf is plenty long enough to wrap around the neck at least twice, which is great for warmth since it is a more narrow scarf. The scarf's dimensions, 4.5 inches wide by 7o inches long, are just approximate though, because this stitch pattern is quite stretchy.

I only made one minor addition to the pattern: I added a final, finishing row working two chains and then slip stitched in the ch2 space repeated across in order to have matching straight ends (instead of one scalloped end and one straight foundation ch end). I might have preferred to have scalloped edges on both ends, to match the side edges, but it just didn’t look quite right when I tried adding a row of shells on the foundation chain end (mostly because they were going the opposite direction as the rest of the shells making up the scarf). So, I went with straight ends, instead.

This pattern is very versatile (it would be easy to adjust the width just by adding multiples of 4 to the base chain); I’d love to make it again with thinner and/or thicker yarn.

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