Crochet Projects: Socks, Earflap Hat, & Fingerless Mittens

3 photos of crochet projects made of dark purple and bright green yarn: a pair of slipper socks, an earflap hat with tassels (modeled by chocolate Lab, Jack), and a pair of lace fingerless mittens.
This week I have completed three fun, quick crochet projects with the bright lime and grape yarn I recently hand-dyed:

Earflap Tassel Hat - I had to use a smaller hook (size I), because the stitching was looser than I'd like (despite my habit of crocheting tightly) with this worsted-weight yarn. So, I had to add extra rows & stitches to get the hat to the correct size (72 stitches instead of 60; 15 rounds instead of 11; 16 stitches for the ear flaps instead of 10; and 27 chains instead of 20 for the tassel strings.) Nonetheless, I LOVE my new hat!

Warm Socks - This is a simple pattern to follow, and easy to customize to fit any size feet, since you can try them on as you’re making them. I used a size G hook and added 2 rows in the foot part of the socks to get the correct length for my feet.

Lace Fingerless Mitts - This project turned out to be much easier than I expected when I first read the pattern. ;) I used a tiny size E hook that the pattern called for, but you could use something bigger and just adjust the number of stitches to get the fit correct. Once again, you can try these on as you're making them to make sure they'll fit your hands. I ended up only working six rounds on the cuffs though, because I was running out of yarn.

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