About This Blog

Welcome to Crocheting Blind!

We are visually impaired crocheters who want to share our craft with you. 

Why?  Well, because we love to crochet, of course. However, we also noticed, while looking around the internet for more information, that there are a lot of resources out there for blind knitters, but there's not much for blind crocheters.  So, the Crocheting Blind blog was born!

We post about tips and tricks we use, useful tools and techniques, and projects (current and completed, many with photos).

If you are a visually impaired crocheter who would like to contribute something to this blog, please let us know in a comment.  

Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoy our site.


  1. I salute you all - changing the meaning of the word Impossible to I'm Possible. Blessingto each and every member of this blog and thank you for your inspiration

  2. Had no idea this was here until I was looking for a pattern for wristers ! Keep up the fantastic work and ignore the how can you do that when you cant see properly comments like I try to although I must confess to sometimes getting fed up of explaining. I have My own blog site too as I wanted people to see that it can be done, I taught myself and am still learning and post the mistakes aswell as the triumphs. Have a look if you have time. Thanks and happy crocheting/knitting


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