Crochet Project: Hydrangea Shawlette

Recently my sister surprised me with some really cool yarns including some ribbon/net yarn. I hunted around for patterns that would be fun to try with this unique yarn type, and finally settled on a spiraled shawl project:
Circular, spiraled mesh shawl in hues of yellow, green, teal, blue and purple.
For this shawlette I used a size J crochet hook, a skein of Premier Yarns Starbella yarn in "Wild Hydrangeas" colorway and this Kelp Forest Shawlette pattern (Ravelry download). (Obviously, I used the crochet hook method for this project rather than the single knitting needle method.)
I struggled with this project at first; even after watching the pattern designer’s tutorial video several times, I kept getting a tube. The key to this project for me was working the wide edge stitches very close together (every hole) at the beginning, while the thin edge loops were worked much further apart (every 3rd hole). That extra bit at the thin edge allows it to flare out and into a flat spiral instead of just continuing to fold in half making a net tube. Once I got the spiral going, then I worked the thick edge about every 3rd hole and the thin edge every other hole.
Closer-up view of the shawl Round shawl from another angle.
Close-up of the mesh middle of the shawl Close-up of the ruffled edge of the shawl.
I only had one skein in this colorway, so the shawl is small (approximately 28 inches - it's stretchy), but the finished project does look really neat. I'm not sure I'd ever want to make another one of these, but it has definitely been an interesting adventure in using this mesh/tape yarn for the first time.
Circular project folded in half to make the ruffled mesh shawl shawlette being modeled - front view over the shoulders
side view of the shawl being modeled - covers shoulders and all of upper back. Back view of shawl being modeled - hangs down to mid-back.
I probably wouldn’t ever wear this shawl though - I just made it because the pattern technique intrigued me - so the shawlette is included on my Will Trade for Donations page, in the hopes that someone can get some good use out of it.

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  1. That is cute. I think it would look very stylish and dressy if worn with a basic black dress.