Crochet Project: Party Hat

Earlier this week the silly idea that my guide dog, Jack, needed a party hat for his upcoming 5th birthday just randomly popped into my head. I was originally thinking I would buy him one of those cheap cardboard ones or maybe I would just make him one out of paper or something. But then I thought, "Why don't I crochet him a party hat?", and this project was born.
cone-shaped party hat crocheted with yellow, purple and blue yarn.
To make Jack's birthday hat I used a size G hook, some Elegant Yarns Kaleidoscope yarn in the "Sun Rise" colorway, and this easy to follow Party Hats pattern. Of course, I modified things just slightly since I made it for a dog. I added a few extra rounds (31 rounds total) at the bottom to make the hat better proportioned for my chocolate boy's large Labbie head, before going on to add the ruffled bottom and pompom topper. I also worked a row of fdc in a loop for the chin strap (because I didn’t have any elastic handy at the time). And, instead of using card stock to give the hat better structure, I just stuffed the cone-shaped part of the hat with some light weight filler. Then, I crocheted a round bottom and sewed it inside to hold in the stuffing.
hat laying on its side to show the round bottom panel. Up close view of the pointy top of the hat with a big fluffy pom-pom of yarn on top.
<Close-up of the ruffle around the bottom edge of the  hat and the foundation-double crochet chin strap. Completed party hat.
The colorful party hat fits Jack perfectly; he tolerates it as well as he does his Santa hat; and he looks adorable in it, of course. You'll have to wait until his actual birthday - when I'll try to take some nice birthday boy portraits - to see him model it though. :-)

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