Crochet Project: Tunisian Starry Night Scarf/Cowl

It took me a while to find the perfect pattern for this awesome "Starry Night" fingering-weight superwash merino wool yarn. I wanted a simple stitch pattern to show off the very pretty hand-painted colors, but I also wanted something that would be fun to make.
Two hanks of hand-dyed yarn with sections in yellow, blues and purples. Close up of stitching showing off the many colors created by the blending of the dyes in the Starry Night yarn
Since I needed more practice with Tunisian crochet, this Tunisian Scarf/Cowl pattern ended up being a great choice for this yarn, paired with a size G hook. However, since I used thinner yarn than the pattern called for, I had to work more stitches (30). Luckily, the work was still narrow enough for me to get by with my standard crochet hook, since I still haven't gotten around to purchasing any Tunisian crochet hooks yet.
Close-up of the scarf in progress - showing one corner being worked off a blue metal crochet hook. Another in progress shot - showing lots of loops of the current scarf row on the hook.
The completed scarf measures about 5 inches wide by 66 inches long. I completed the crocheting at the end of June, but it took me a bit to find some buttons that are the right size and coordinating color for this very colorful accessory.
Scarf folded with a row of three buttons along the bottom Close-up of the plain blue buttons that match the blue in the many-colored scarf
Another angle showing the scarf, ends buttoned up Close-up of scarf showing both the back (with tiny knit-like stitches) and front (with long verticle stitches).
At first I considered just leaving off the buttons, but I really do like that it can be worn as either a scarf (with it tied/wrapped around the neck and the ends left hanging down over the shoulders) or as a cowl (with the ends buttoned together and the whole thing looped around the neck).
Finished scarf with the ends buttoned up and looped around to form a cowl.

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