Crochet Project: Slouchy Hat

I have fallen a little behind on blogging about my finished crochet projects, but one of the items I have recently completed is a slouchy hat. I have actually wanted to make one of these hats (which go by several different names) for quite awhile now, so I was originally planning to make this project with a different yarn. But then, I won a prize in Book-wyrn Knits' birthday/wedding celebration blog contest which included some super soft, pretty purple yarn (Thanks again, Nicole!). And well, I just had to use it for this project. :-)
(my apologies for any gross medicine-caked eyes/eyelashes that may be visible)
Close up of the band of my hat, on my head. Back view of the hat with my hair tucked up into it so the sides are scrunched up.
View of the hat from above - from this angle it basically just looks like a regular stocking cap. Another view of the hat from the back with my hair tucked in - this time the underside of the hat is scrunched up, so it forms a sort of 'bag' at the back of my head holding my hair inside.
So, for my slouchy hat I used size E, F, and G hooks, with Knit Picks Comfy (fingering-weight) yarn in "Lilac" and this Super Slouch Hat pattern. Of course, since the yarn I used is much thinner than the worsted yarn this pattern calls for, I had to modify things a bit. I basically just doubled the number of rows on everything and increased to 88 stitches. I probably could have increased a little more, and definitely would if I was making this for anyone else, but mine is plenty stretchy for my little head. I really like how the hat turned out; it is perfect for containing my always wild hair.

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