Crochet Project: TARDIS

Since I am a big Doctor Who fan, I have been inclined to save almost every Who-ish crochet pattern I have come across over the last few years. But I had never actually gotten around to crocheting any of them, until a month or two ago when Arabella's Mom asked if I could make her a TARDIS.
Well... as it turns out, I CAN build time machines! :-)
Two medium blue crocheted British Police Public Call Boxes, aka TARDISes.
I actually decided to make one for myself first, to help me figure out all the details and get a little practice in on them before I made a second nicer looking one for Arabella's Mom. For these awesome little Police Boxes I used this TARDIS Amigurimi pattern, a size G hook, Red Heart SuperSaver yarns in Blue Suede, Royal, White, and Holiday white/silver. This fun project also required fiberfill, cardboard, iron-on transfer printer paper, white fabric, and fabric glue.
The pattern is a great basic TARDIS, but I did make a few modifications:
On the four side panels, for rows 18-22, I worked stitches 2-7 and 9-14 in white for the windows, to help cut down on the amount of embroidery needed later.
TARDIS parts - 4 walls, roof and bottom for each.Embroidering the details and sewing the walls together
I used Jaegerthewolf’s pattern for the roof, and I crocheted the light on top using the silver/white sparkly yarn.
First TARDIS with darker blue embroidered details, almost done - just needs signs Second TARDIS almost done - all stuffed and sewed together, just needs signs.
I also decided to use slightly darker (Royal) blue yarn for the bottom panel and to embroider the details (doors, squares/panels, window panes, light frame etc.) on my TARDIS to give it a bit more definition. But then for Arabella's TARDIS, I just worked all the parts and embroidery in the same Blue Suede yarn instead of switching to the Royal, and I think they are still easy to see.
Unfortunately, my embroidery skills leave A LOT to be desired, so I decided print the "Police Public Call Box" signs onto iron-on transfer paper, apply them to some white t-shirt fabric and then glue the resulting patches to each TARDIS instead of trying to embroider them on. THIS is the excellent image I borrowed for the signs.
close ups of the black and white police public call box sign patches laying on a wooden surface. close up sowing the embroidery and signage detail on a TARDIS.
Even with the extra crocheted embellishments I worked, the crocheted part of these projects was quick and easy to complete. However, embroidering/adding all the details… not so much. Adding in printer issues, ongoing eye surgery-related issues and traveling for post-op exams, and it ultimately took me at least two weeks longer to put all the finishing touches on these TARDISs than I expected.
My TARDIS all finished. Arabella's Mom's completed TARDIS
Now that they are finally done though, I LOVE THEM!!! (And I hope Arabella's Mom will love hers too.) Each TARDIS measures approximately 9 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 4 inches long.

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