Crochet Project: Snowflakes

I'm not exactly sure why I decided to crochet snowflakes, since I HATE winter! But I made a couple each night over the last week or so and they were a fun challenge (despite their small eye-straining size).
Collage of photos of each individual snowflake - all different shapes and sizes - as well as a super-up-close photo of the stitching that shows the ribbon of shiny gold which runs through the cream colored thread fiber.
First pattern: Simple Snowflake
Second pattern: Starry Snowflake - I ended after round 4, for the medium size flake
Third pattern: Petite Flake
Fourth pattern: Ship's Wheel Snowflake - I modified last round/edge a little bit
Fifth pattern: Regal Snowflake - I made it half-size (starting with 18 chains) and modified the last round
Sixth pattern: Bev's 15 Minute Flake - I left off the last round
Seventh pattern: Irish Snowflake - I only did the first 5 rounds
Eighth pattern: Unusual flake
Ninth pattern: Flower flake
Tenth pattern: Eight Point flake
Eleventh pattern: Lifesaver flake - I ended after 3 rounds for the medium-size flake
Twelfth pattern: Pretty Snowflake
Thirteenth pattern: Be Still My Heart flake - I only did the first four rounds
Fourteenth pattern: Crystal Lace Snowflake
I only had enough thread to try out fourteen small (2-4 inch) flakes, but there are many more neat snowflake patterns HERE and HERE. My flakes were made using size D and E crochet hooks which are a bit larger than what most of the patterns called for, but the smallest I had available. My flakes are made from a thick (approximately size 5) crochet thread that is cream in color, with a metallic gold ribbon woven in. Sorry, I don't know the official name, brand, size, etc for this thread. It was one of many "leftovers" my Mom picked up for me at a yard sale a while back. Also, my thread was stiff enough on its own that I didn't need to starch my flakes as directed in many of the patterns - and as I noted above, on those patterns where I was concerned about the potential for "floppiness" around the edges, I just modified the design a little to suit my needs.


  1. I'd glad you enjoyed making so many snowflakes. I'm currently stuck in snowflake purgatory myself. Gotta get this snowflake project done by Christmas though. Only 11 (ugh) left to go.


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