Crochet Project: Reversible Hat

Last night, I completed another Christmas gift: a reversible hat for my sister-in-law. The hat has spirals on one side, and is flat on the other side. I used the Reversible Strands free pattern from Ravelry, a K hook, and partial skeins of Bernat Satin yarn in Ebony and Red Heart Baby Econo in Light Pink.

Her favorite colors are black and pink, so I was able to use pink that was left over from another project. I'm crocheting a hat for my niece out of the same pink yarn. Hubby is crocheting the identical hat in green yarn for my BIL.

I had to leave out the second stripe of color and also leave out a couple pink rows, because the hat was getting too long for my head, and my SIL is smaller then me, but otherwise followed the pattern as written.

Black and pink reversible hat
Closeup of the spirals

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  1. Ooh, I really like this! I really don't need any more hats, but I might have to make myself one of these anyway. :-)


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