Crochet Project: Shopping Bag

On Sunday my Sister surprised me with a really neat skein of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Candy Collection yarn in the "Squishy" colorway that I just had to find a fun crochet project for immediately!
close up of yarn skein showing the twisted strand of white, lime green, cyan blue and grape purple Project in progress: just 4 rounds worked on the bag.
After a quick perusal of my pattern queue on Ravelry, I selected a simple 4 Ball Market Bag pattern to make with this yarn and a size I hook. I worked the bag part of the pattern as written, and it proved to be nicely tactile since each stitch is worked in the space between the stitches instead of in the tops of the stitches. I did add eight extra rows to the handle (after row 40) to make it a little longer though. Then, instead of fastening off after row 40 (and re-connecting my yarn on the other side of the bag to make the other half of the handle), I just continued to re-work rows 40 - 25 (backwards/opposite, i.e. increasing instead of decreasing), and then slip stitched the end to the other side of the bag.
Completed shopping bag hanging from a door knob Close-up of the bag stitching.
Looking down into the open bag at the rounds of stitching Completed bag hanging on a door handle, from a slightly different angle.
My gauge was smaller (partly because I crochet very tightly), but I didn’t want to increase the hook size and end up with any bigger stitch holes. So, my bag is a bit smaller than the size stated in the pattern (mine is about 20 inches from bottom of bag to top of handle and roughly 12 inches wide), but I like it! And I have plenty of this neat yarn left over to use for another project!

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