Crochet Project: Asymmetry Scarf

This week's crochet project for the looooonnnnnngggg trip to visit my eye surgeon was yet another scarf.
shell stitch scarf Completed scarf draped over the back of a wooden chair
close-up of the thick, fuzzy purple yarn  which is actually made up of a dark maroon-purple strand, a medium violet-gray strand and a light purple-pink strand all twisted together. Scarf held up to a window with the light filtering through the stitch work to better show the asymmetrical shell stitch design.
Last weekend my Mom found a skein of Lion Brand Homespun yarn in the "Baroque" colorway for something like ten cents at a yard sale, and since it was purple-ish, she bought it for me. :-)
Honestly this is not my favorite type of yarn to work with, but I love the color, so I found a great pattern for it: an Asymmetry Scarf (Ravelry free pattern download) by Lisa Gonzalez which has an asymmetrical shell stitch pattern. It's a quick, easy, nicely tactile pattern, perfect for one random skein of Homespun yarn paired with a size K hook. Crocheting stitches into a chain 2 space rather than having to try to find stitch tops made this yarn so much easier for me to work with.
The only slight challenge was row 1, but I just put stitch makers into the base chains I needed to find for it. (i.e. ch 3, mark ch 4; ch 6, mark next ch, ch 6, mark next ch, ch 3, mark last ch). Then it was no problem! I did decide to start with a base chain of 22 though (instead of 29), for a slightly narrower scarf, because I didn't think I had quite a full skein of yarn.
This soft, warm scarf ended up measuring approximately 6 inches wide by 60 inches long after washing and blocking. And, like most of my recent "just for fun" crochet projects, it is included on my Will Trade for Donations page.

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