Crochet Project: Tunisian Mesh Scarf

Today I present to you my very first completed Tunisian crochet project, a colorful mesh scarf!
Colorful mesh scarf laying on a white surface Colorful mesh scarf being modeled around a neck.
What's the big deal? Well, I have been intrigued by Tunisian crochet for a long time, because I love the look of it, but I had never tried it before last week. For those who aren't familiar with this crochet technique, it's a sort of cross between knitting and crochet. It gives you more of the intricate stitch options of knitting (since the loops of each stitch remain on the needle), but with the ease of only using one hook, like crochet.
While looking through the long list of favorite patterns I have saved to my Ravelry queue for another smaller project that would travel well with me on the long trip for my eye surgery last week, I decided to finally give Tunisian crochet a try with a seemingly simple Tunisian Mesh Scarf pattern (Ravelry download) and the skein of Caron Dazzleaire (vintage) in Earthglow Ombre, I had left over from my striped shells blanket.
Tunisian mesh scarf - made with rainbow colored yarn - in progress, just a few inches complete. Close-up of the mesh stitching of the scarf, showing the multiple loops of Tunisian Crochet on a green metal crochet hook.
I don’t have Tunisian crochet hooks yet, so I made the scarf just slightly narrower (25 chains for 12 posts), so I could keep all the loops on a standard (size I) crochet hook a little more easily. I struggled a little bit at first (and ended up restarting the project after realizing I hadn't followed the directions correctly, but it soon proved to be quite easy.
close up of the end/edge stitching of the scarf Close up of the long post stitches that make up the mesh rows.
Another close-up of the stitching to show off the colorful fuzzy yarn Finished scarf from another angle - looking down it's long length.
Although the resulting fabric wants to bias (as the pattern warned) and curl (as Tunisian crochet tends to do), I still think it yielded a fun, light weight scarf. I just continued to repeat the pattern until I ran out of yarn, so the scarf measures about 5 inches wide by 66 inches long after blocking.
A section of scarf is being held up to show the light coming through the mesh stitching One more of the finished project that is a very colorful mix of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
NOTE: If you accidentally work this pattern using Tunisian Simple Stitch (as I did in my first attempt - shown in THIS photo and THIS photo) instead of Tunisian Knit Stitch, you will end up with fabric that looks like woven plaid instead of open mesh. This makes a neat looking scarf too (I was almost tempted to just continue with it after realizing my mistake). :)

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