Crochet Project: Purple Eye Shield

A clear plastic eye shield with a crocheted strap and edging made with bright purple yarn.
Well, this may not be the best crochet project I've ever made, but it is purple. ;-) Thursday night I improvised a strap in single crochet stitching for a clear plastic eye shield. I used a size E hook and a bit of leftover Caron Simply Soft yarn in "Grape". The project was inspired partly out of boredom and the want of a purple eye shield to wear as I recover from my eye surgery. However, its creation also came about from a need for an alternative to using medical tape to adhere my protective eye shields to my increasingly raw/adhesive-irritated face. I don't think it is quite sturdy enough to use while napping/sleeping, but it does serve well for all those moments when I just need to quickly cover my very tender eye (to protect it from wind/weather, dog tongues, etc.) for a brief period of time.

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