Crochet Project: Cute Cupcakes

My first crochet project of the year (Completed on New Year's Day no less) were these cute cupcakes:
3 crocheted cupcakes with chocolate brown cake bottoms and bright red, yellow, and purple frosting tops with red, yellow and purple yarn sprinkles.
When I saw the pattern for these - Bake Me a Cake - I immediately thought of a blog-friend who does a lot of cupcake decorating. So, I thought she might enjoy having some non-perishable cupcakes. The pattern is easy to follow and quick to make. The most challenging part for me (just because I’m not so good at sewing) was attaching the frosting half onto the cake half. But I really like that the sewed stitches are hidden by the ruffled edge. My cupcakes are small (just slightly littler than a real cupcake) using a size F hook, and I just used leftover worsted-weight yarn from other projects, but one could easily make these any size by varying the hook size, yarn weight, and/or stitch count.

P.S. I also completed another set of wristers and another dog's resting mat during the first week of 2011, but I don't have any new insights to share on these projects, so check out the original posts on them if you're interested.


  1. Very cute cupcakes. I think I know who's receiving them. ;-) We sent her a package, too.

    What color did you make the wristers and the resting mat this time?

  2. The wristers are gray and white/silver, similar to the pair in the post I linked to. The mat is striped dark royal purple with cream and royal purple with brown (the same brown as the cupcake bases). You can see pictures of them on my Ravelry account, if you're interested.