Crochet Project: Harness Handle Cover

Last week I had been contemplating making a cover for the handle of my guide dog's harness, just for the fun of it. So, yesterday, I finally decided to go ahead and try this quick little project.
The idea for a harness handle cover was originally inspired by the I Heart My Bike Lock Cozy pattern I stumbled across recently. I used the same basic idea as that pattern with a size G hook and my last little bit of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in "Heartfelt".
To make my guide dog harness handle cover, I started off by measuring the circumference of the widest part of the harness - the part I hold in my hand. It was approximately 2.75 inches around, which worked out to roughly 12 stitches with my gauge. So, I chained 12 and made a ring. Then, I just worked rounds of single crochet stitching until it was long enough (i.e. until I ran out of yarn).
The handle cover ended up measuring about 10 inches in length - plenty long to cover the handle, with enough to go around the corners a bit to help keep it in place too.
Colorful crocheted tube over the hand grip part of a guide dog harness laying against a white wall. Closer-up view of the handle cover made in yarn that is variegated blue, teal, green, purple and red.
View looking down at chocolate Lab Guide dog Jack's back as he's dressed in his leather harness and my left hand is holding on to the harness handle covered in the crocheted cozy.
I'm not sure I will leave it on all the time, but I do really like how it turned out. It gives the black and white harness a nice touch of color and it would look great paired with our purple harness pouch. :-)

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