Crochet Projects: Christmas Stocking and Cowl

I finished two quick projects before Christmas. One of them, the Christmas stocking for my nephew, I don't have a photo of without his name, but the stocking is the same yarn, pattern, and hook as these stockings I made for his parents two years ago.

The other project was an Infinity scarf for a coworker who gave me a bunch of yarn she didn't want to keep. I told her to pick some yarn from what she gave me, and I'd make her a project. She doesn't have an Infinity scarf, so that's what I chose to make with the yarn she picked out. The yarn is a novelty mohair blend made by No Boundaries, which is discontinued. it was super soft and very pretty. I used an M hook and did treble crochets until I used up both skeins, then slip stitched the two ends together. My coworker loves it!

Infinity scarf in shades of brown, gold, and blue

Infinity scarf stitches up close

Infnity scarf laid flat on a chair

Me modeling my coworker's Infinity scarf

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