Crochet Project: Camelot Fingerless Mitts

Here is my final crochet project for 2012... another pair of fingerless mitts!
Fingerless mittens with a ribbed/striped stitch pattern crocheted with yarn that has various shades of purple - some photos show the mitts in progress, completed and laying flat on a dark wooden surface, and being modeled on my hands.
I love fingerless mitts, because they keep my hands protected from cold weather, while still leaving my fingers free enough to easily use my touch-screen phone, operate the various buttons and dials on my camera, and keep a better grip on my guide dog's harness handle and/or leash. I have worn out several sets of the mitts I have crocheted over the last few winters, so I was in need of a new pair.
For these mitts I used the basic idea of this Phoenixphyre Dreams Basic Fingerless Gloves pattern, which caught my attention because of the stitch texture (from working in back loops only) and because the mitts are made in one flat (rowed) piece and then stitched up the sides - instead of worked in rounds, like all the other fingerless mitts I have made before. I had to make a few modifications to the pattern though, since I used thinner yarn - Patons Kroy Socks FX in "Camelot" - which required me to use a smaller, size E, hook.
I did a foundation chain of 70 for 68 stitch rows, and worked 33 rows in (US) hdc to cover my hand, most of my fingers (so only my fingertips are exposed) and down well past my wrist to my mid-forearm.
I worked 3 rows of hdc (the third in back loops only) down what would be the top edge of the mitt, to give it a more finished look.
I stitched the two sides of the mitt piece together with sc - 24 stitches down the side I left a thumb hole 10 st long (by slip stitching through the 10 st on one side) before continuing on with the sc together of both side (71 st total).
Then, just because I had quite a bit of yarn left, I worked 4 rounds of hdc around what is the bottom of the mitt for a cuff (last round in back loops only).
I also worked 7 decreasing (22 st to 14 st) rounds of hdc around the thumb opening (last round in back loops only), to give my thumb a little bit of cover too.
I love my new purple mitts! They cover my hands and fingers enough to keep them warm, while still being open (and stretchy) enough to freely use my fingers when needed.

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