Crochet Project: Groovy Socks

My most recently completed crochet project, which I just finished off a few days ago, is a pair of fun, warm socks for myself. I used this Socks That Fit pattern, a size D hook and 3 skeins of Knit Picks Felici Sport Self Striping yarn in the "Groovy" (green, purple, brown, orange, blue and pink) colorway.
8 photos showing the progress of these colorful striped mid-calf high socks from the first couple of rounds of the toe to working the heels half-way done, to the completed socks on my feet.
It was easy to achieve a really good fit for these socks, once I stopped guestimating the right size and finally put forth the effort to actually measure my feet accurately. Imagine that! Haha! My gauge was 7 hdc/inch; my foot measured 8 inches in circumference and 9.5 inches in length. So, using the formula in the pattern (7-1=6x8=48) I started with a base ch of 11 and increased to 48 st in circumference for the toe/foot part of my socks.
I did the “6 steps” decrease (described in the pattern) down to 12 st for the heel and increased back up to 52 for the beginning of the cuff. Then, for the cuff, I just continued to work in hdc until I ran out of yarn - using about 1.5 skeins per sock, to make them taller for winter socks.
Like most crocheted socks, this pair is not stretchy, so I must take great care when putting them on and taking them off, but they are still very nice and comfortable to wear.

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