Work-in-Progress Phriday 7/13/12

There have been a lot of changes here in the last month. I completed my first crochet contractor project early last week, then took most of the week off from crocheting. This week, I started my part-time job. My new schedule doesn't lend itself to WIP Wednesday posts any longer, so I've tweaked the name and will post on Fridays. I saw the Phri-for-f spelling on a local Philadelphia-based restaurant menu and liked it, so I'm borrowing it.

Despite my new work schedule, I got several rounds done on the Spiral Blues baby blanket. That's a good thing because Squish, my soon-to-be-born nephew, is due the end of the month!
teal and royal blue spiral baby blanket covering almost the width of the mattress
Spiral Blues baby blanket, working Round 36

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