WIP Wednesday 9/28/11

Today I completed the final details and emailed in my pattern, schematic, chart, and photos for the Fresh Designs Crochet: Scarves book. I'm planning to mail the scarf on Friday so that it has plenty of time to arrive before the deadline.

To reward myself, I learned a new stitch, the extended single crochet. I'm swatching for a ripple sock pattern. I only got two rows done before we needed to leave for the evening, since the yarn and hook are tiny and progress is slow. It was enough to make me happy, though.

multicolor ball of yarn laying on a pattern book, with a swatch of extended single crochet laying in the front next to a crochet hooktwo rows of extended single crochet

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  1. It's always fun to learn a new stitch! I'm pretty sure I've done that one before, but it's been a long time. I'd have to look up how to do it again. Good luck with the socks using such a small hook.


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