Crochet Projects Catch-Up

Well, I'm long overdue for an update here. Since the last time I posted about a completed project way back in February, I've actually finished quite a few more items. As you'll probably notice, I don't have anything especially insightful to say about most of these projects, since many of them are "repeats" or slight variations of projects I've done before. However, I thought I should share them here anyway. If nothing else, they're proof that I have been busily crocheting in my absence. ;-)

I made 3 more versions of the Rainbow Rectangle Rug (a.k.a. Double Vision):
3 similar rainbow rectangle rugs - only the color orders are different.
The first two - one for myself and one that will be a gift - were worked just like I explained in the post I linked to above. The last one (which will be included in the Guide Dog Puppy Sponsorship fundraiser auction I'm organizing) is a smaller version, because I was running out of yarn but still wanted to use up what I had. For it I made rectangles with single crochet stitches (6 stitches x 5 rows) in the various color combinations, but only using 8 colors, for 64 squares (37 color combinations).

I finished 2 more Earflap hats for humans and 1 for the dog:
3 photos: purple, pink and brown earflap hat, multi-colored earflap hat with long tassles, and chocolate Lab wearing a little purple and white earflap hat.
The first one is for the fundraiser auction, the second was a gift, and the third was a 'test" project for a friend who thought her dog needed a hat.
Yarn type: Lionbrand Amazing in Vineyard / Red Heart Soft in Jeweltones / leftovers in solid purple and variegated purple and white.
Hook size: I / I / G
The first two hats are worked the same as I explained in the linked post above. For the dog's hat I just worked the original hat pattern with a smaller hook and it ended the perfect size for my Lab's head.

I've made 2 more sets of Lace Fingerless Mittens:
2 photos of lace fingerless mitts: one pair is shades of reds, blues and browns, the other is multi-colred pinks, blues, greens, and oranges being the brightest to stand out.
One pair is for the fundraiser auction and the other pair was a gift.
Yarn type: Lionbrand Amazing in Ruby and Constellation / Red Heart Soft in Jeweltones
hook size: F
Both were worked as written, except I didn't make the cuffs as long as the pattern does (I did somewhere between 5 and 8 rows for the cuffs, which seemed plenty long to me, but the pattern calls for 10 rows)

I made this cute Springtime skullcap for myself:
Mirror shot of me modeling this multi-colored openweave  cap.
Yarn type: Red Heart Soft in Jeweltones
Hook size: F
No modifications.

I made another set of 6 snowflakes ornaments for the fundraiser auction:
Six white sparkley yarn snowflakes, each with a unique flake design laid out on a wooden surface.
Yarn type: Red Heart Holiday (white/silver)
Hook size: F
Patterns (with any modifications):
  1. Simple Snowflake (as written)
  2. Petite Flake (as written)
  3. Bev’s 15 minute Flake (I left off the last round)
  4. Flower Flake (as written)
  5. Eight Point Flake (as written)
  6. Lifesaver Flake (I ended after 3 rounds for the medium size flake)
I also designed and made a Trio of Potholders for the auction:
3 potholders laying on a dark wooden surface.  One potholder has a striped blue and brown design. One potholder has a cream and brown rectangles design.  And the third has a pink and brown striped design.
Yarn type: Red Heart Supersaver in Coffee, Blue, Cream and Shocking Pink
hook size: G
Pattern: These are made of simple solid stitches. 1 used only single crochet stitches, the other two include some half-double crochet work. They’re double-thick - 2 identical squares sewn together which makes them great for protecting surfaces from the heat of warm dishes (though due to their acrylic content I don't recommend them for removing extremely hot dishes from equally hot ovens).

And I made a colorful Lace Scarf based on a common lace-like stitch pattern I'm fond of for the fundraiser auction (though I'm almost tempted to keep this one for myself):
Lacey-stitched scarf with striped sections of all different colors, laying on a wooden surface.
Yarn type: Lionbrand Amazing in leftovers of Aurora, Arcadia, Cactus Flower, Mauna Loa, Mesa, Rainforrest, Ruby, and Vineyard.
hook size: F
brief pattern explanation: I used a basic “lace” pattern: 1 V-stitch (dc ch1 dc), skip three st, fan stitch (5 dc in same st) skip 3 st & repeat across in rows (alternating stitches) - it's similar to the "lace" pattern used for the fingerless mittens I wrote about above, only I worked it in rows instead of rounds.

I also completed one other "big" wall-art project, but it will get a post all of its very own.