Crochet Project: Circles to Squares Wall Art

10 photos depicting the progress of my project, from the layout diagram and skeins of yarn to squares in the midst of being made, to the project in the midst of being assembled, to the blocking out, to the adding of the dowel rod, to hanging on my bedroom wall above my bed.
As I mentioned in my last post, one of the many crochet projects I've finished recently is some wall art. I very rarely make this particular type of hanging, decorative crochet project - I typically prefer projects that serve a more useful purpose. But variety is good. ;-)

The original Circles to Squares pattern is for an afghan, but I really don't need any more blankets. I loved the easy circles to squares idea though, so after some consideration, I decided to turn mine into wall art.

To do so, I simply used a much smaller hook than the pattern calls for (size E), to shrink down the project's size. And, of course, I added an extra couple of rows at the top & sewed them together in a loop on the back to hold a dowel rod for hanging on my wall.

My Circles to Squares Art is made from LionBrand Amazing yarn in Aurora, Arcadia, Constellation, Cactus Flower, Glacier Bay, Mesa, Mauna Loa, Ruby, Rainforest, and Vineyard. Some readers might have noticed that I tend to gravitate toward the inexpensive craft store yarns that many artisans shun, but I don't see the point of spending a fortune on gourmet yarns just for the sake of doing so. But Amazing yarn is the one kind that I have occasionally splurged on, because it's so pretty! No, the part-wool content probably isn't really necessary for this type of project, but I chose this yarn simply for the hand-dyed style color variations, which I love. I alternated my circle/square colors for a sort of warm/cool color combination in an attempt to incorporate a wider variety of squares and colors.

My new wall art actually didn't turn out at all like I had pictured it in my head (especially color-wise), but I still really like it. It kind of reminds me of a water-color painting.


  1. Nice!! One of these days I'll get to try a project using Amazing yarn.

  2. Thanks. I hope you like the yarn. It's great for certain projects.