Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 7 - My Crochet Time

The only thing consistent about my crochet time is that I'm crocheting, and at least one of my dogs is nearby. I crochet in public at Panera Bread and the library (during the craft groups) and in restaurants, doctor's offices, occasionally in meetings (especially if I have a FO deadline to meet!). While crocheting in public, my guide dog is always curled up by my feet, usually touching me with a paw over my foot.

I crochet at home, alone and with Hubby. I crochet while watching TV if it's an easy pattern to memorize. The dogs are always nearby during crochet time. I crochet on long car trips, and on planes.

Sometimes I crochet in silence. Sometimes the TV is on, or I play my favorite music, or people are talking around me. I can't usually crochet and talk at the same time; I put my crochet down during conversations, unless it's a very simple stitch repetition.

I rarely have food or drink nearby while crocheting. I'm a klutz, and I don't want to ruin my work. Even without food or drink nearby, I have still gotten junk on a couple projects.

I crochet any time of the day, whenever I find a few spare minutes and the stitching bug bites. Most often, I crochet in the evening though.


  1. My "yarn playgroup" meets at a Panera too--seems like a very popular place to knit and crochet in public.

    So glad I found your blog this week!

  2. I think Panera is popular for yarn crafting groups because you can eat or drink, but you aren't taking up some poor waitress's tables, and thus her tips.


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