Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 6 - Something To Aspire To

Thread crochet is one of those crochet skills that just blows my mind, in terms of technique, time, and complexity. Those tiny little stitches use itty-bitty steel crochet hooks, and make some extremely complex designs. That all takes time. Realistically, thread crochet is not something I'll likely ever be able to do. The stitches are too small to feel, and I struggled with creating socks using a D hook, which is bigger then a steel hook. However, I completely admire the workmanship and time put in by those who do thread crochet.

There are skills I aspire to learn in the future, though. Even the near future. I hope to complete a Tunisian crochet project sometime this year. I'm learning Tunisian simple stitch now. My real goal is to figure out Tunisian entrelac by the end of the year. So far, my starts have all been false starts. I have several books that explain the technique, but I haven't found a good Tunisian entrelac tutorial video yet. Tunisian entrelac is particularly fun, because I love the look of knitted entrelac, but do not have the coordination to knit. I have a Tunisian entrelac dishcloth pattern and baby blanket pattern as my inspiration....


  1. I love the look of thread crochet too, but don't think I'll ever get into it myself. Too teeny weeny for me! Tunisian entrelac is gorgeous too, have fun working on it!

  2. Hi Julie! Check out today's post. I mastered Tunisian entrelac! YES!


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