Crochet Project: Reversible Caps

Kimberly recently posted about the reversible hat she made from this Reversible Strands free pattern on Ravelry. I liked it so much that I decided to try it out for one of the chemo caps I was recently commissioned to make for my Sister's friend's Mom.
2 photos - left: two purple and gray hats- top section is purple then there are 4 stripes of alternating purple and gray, then the bottom section is all gray. Curving rows of cables in the stitching run around the hat giving it a neat texture. Right side photo- close-up of project stitching.
Well, after checking my gauge, I made one hat using a size K hook, but it ended up being smaller than I had expected. It fits my head, but probably would not be so comfortable on an average-sized one. So today I made another cap using a hook one size larger and trying my best to relax and crochet more loosely (I have a really bad habit of crocheting quite tightly). This second hat turned out a much better size around for the average person, but seemed a bit too long, so I left off two rounds near the end (25 & 26). Both hats, made of Caron Simply Soft yarn in Grape and Grey Heather, are really nice though, warm, soft, and pretty. I really like the reversible design which is cabled on one side and flat on the other. The larger hat will be given to my Sister's friend's Mom, along with the pink mesh cap I made last weekend. And I'll keep the other one, I guess, since it's purple. ;-)

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  1. Yay!! I had to modify the length of the hats I've made, too. Even on the model heads, their hat hits the bridge of the nose, so too long.