Crochet Project: Gift Bags

Four small crocheted bags - one in off white, one rusty-red, one green, and one brown & cream variegated yarn. Each bag is tied with braided yarn in the colors of the other bags - these braids are tied in bows around the bags to keep them shut.
Using a free Gift Bag pattern from Caron International yarns, a size I crochet hook, and leftover yarn in various holiday-ish colors, today I made four small gift bags for my family. Instead of using ribbon, like the pattern shows, I braided some yarn and wove it through the tops of the bags 2-3 inches from the openings, as a drawstring to keep each bag's contents shut inside. It's a simple pattern, quick and easy to make, and unique packaging for little holiday gifts. :-)


  1. Would those be huge for just a gift card, or would they fill the bags okay?

  2. Yes, these would be a bit big for that, but basically the pattern is just two rows that you repeat until it's the size you want. So, you could make it smaller to just fit the gift card.