Crochet Project: Assorted Cupcake Scarf

I've been baking... or something. ;-) In mid-December, after I had finished all my holiday projects, I needed something new to work on in my spare time. So, I started this cupcake scarf for a friend who enjoys baking/decorating cupcakes. I had all the parts finished within a couple of days, but I was slow in sewing everything together, getting it washed and blocked out, then packaged up and mailed half-way across the country to its intended recipient.
Unfortunately, it has now been 3 weeks since I sent it, and my friend still has not received the package. I fear the cute, one of a kind, scarf may have been lost in the mail. :( So, I'm going to go ahead and post about the project (and keep hoping the package will arrive at its correct destination soon):
1o photos of the colorful cupcake scarf in progress and finished. The  cupcakes are a wide variety of colors including brown, tan, orange,  salmon, coral, pink, red, magenta, purple, teal, and white. The berries  on top of each cupcake are berry shades of purple, pink or red.
I used this CraftBits Scarf - Sweet Cupcakes pattern, a size G hook, and KnitPick's Chroma fingering weight yarn in Pegasus and Sunrise colorways, which made a soft, warm, yet light-weight scarf.

I ended up making numerous modifications to the pattern to better suit my needs/preferences, but nonetheless I appreciated having this free guide to follow for creating the scarf:
  • Since I used a lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for, I decided to add 5 stitches to each row (so I began with 15 chains instead of 10) and to repeat each row twice in order to achieve a more desirable cupcake size (mine are approx 4.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches at their widest point).
  • I think the cupcakes look more realistic (and less like ice cream cones) with row 7 worked in the frosting color instead of the cake color, so I made my cupcakes with this small color change.
  • I crocheted 22 cupcakes instead of the 16 called for in the pattern to give the scarf plenty of length for wrapping around the wearers neck for warmth. The scarf ended up being longer than expected though - long enough to wrap around the neck at least 3 times - so I actually may not have needed to make so many extra cupcakes.
  • Since I wanted to make an assortment of cupcake “flavors” but created them with 2 skeins of yarn which contained various colors, I worked each cupcake separately and then sewed them into one long strip after they were all finished and a good color order was determined.
  • I didn’t use the pompom decorations called for in the pattern either as I didn’t want to use glue on an accessory that the recipient may wear (and wash) regularly. Instead, I crocheted 21 small round disks (ch 2, rnd 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook, slst to 1st sc. rnd 2: ch 1, 2 sc in each stitch around, slst to 1st sc, fo.) for berry toppers and sewed them on each cupcake’s top.
This was a fun little project that I'd had in mind for a few months, and I was very happy with how it turned out in the end. I hope my friend likes it, if/when it finally shows up.


  1. she's gonna flip out when she gets this scarf. It's perfect for her!

  2. I am flipping out because I NEVER GOT IT!!! But it's awesome and I do indeed love it, so thank you very much!

    1. I'm sooo sad that it never arrived. It hasn't ever come back to me either, so who knows where it ended up. :-(
      I'm glad you like it though. Maybe someday I'll make you another one.