Crochet Project: Desert Sunrise Cowl

After finishing the cowl holiday gifts for my Mom and my Sister back in November, I decided I liked theirs so much that I should make one for myself. For my cowl, I used Red Heart brand Heart and Sole yarn in Desert Sunrise. And, as I did for the previous cowls I made using the One Skein Self Striping Cowl pattern, using a size F hook my base chain was 100 and I worked the repeat section extra times to make the cowl longer - basically, I just repeated the pattern until I used up the whole skein of yarn - since I used a lighter weight yarn than the pattern calls for. I don't have anything new to add about the pattern, but I do LOVE the colors in this sock yarn. It's warm, despite being light weight, but it's not the softest wool-blend I've ever used.
4 photos of my Desert Sunrise Cowl - one close-up of the yarn skein, 1  in progress photo laying across my laptop's keyboard, one close-up to  show off all the pretty colors in the yarn including reds, oranges,  coral, pinks, dark raspberry, and periwinkle blue, and one of the cowl  being modeled on a neck.


  1. I love those colors, and I bet they'd make some pretty socks. The yarn is supposed to have aloe in it, so I'm surprised it wasn't very soft.

    1. It's all right, not super-scratchy like some all-wool yarn, but it's not super-soft like Chroma either.