Crochet Project: Chroma Leftovers Scarf

I used the leftover Chroma yarn from my previous projects to make a simple scarf that is perfect for autumn/spring wear. I worked solid half-double crochet stitching (the short way) with a size G hook in order to show off the beautiful color changes in the yarn.
Long, many colored scarf in a pile on a dark wooden surface with a silver crochet hook in the middle of the end, incomplete row of stitching.
When I started this scarf I thought I would probably give it as a gift. However, as I worked on it I fell in love, so I might end up keeping it after all.


  1. The colors are lovely. I can't even tell where you changed from skein to skein.

  2. I was very careful about making the color changes from the leftovers of skein to the next to make sure they blended together well. I know where the color changes are, but I hoped most people wouldn't be able to find them very easily. :)

  3. Do you have more pictures of this beauty?

    1. I'm not sure I've ever taken more pictures specifically of it, but I wear this scarf all the time in the winter. It is definitely one of my favorites.