WIP Wednesday 8/3/11

This week I began making squares for a scarf. Hubby & I are leading a CAL at the Panera craft group, based on this book. Everyone will do the 4 basic squares: sc, hdc, dc, and tr, then each person will chose another 6 squares from the book to complete their scarf. So each scarf will be unique: different squares, yarns, and colors. For my scarf, I'm using a single color, instead of the 3 suggested for the book's sampler afghan.

I've been plugging away at the (yawn!) single crochet square. I only have another 5 rows or so before it'll be done. :-) It'll need blocking to be square and lay flat. I've been counting every row, and I have the same number of stitches each time, so I'm good to go, even though it looks funny right now. I've decided for this project that I'm going to mark the RS of each square, to make sewing easier at the end.
Scarf CAL - Square 1 - SC

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