Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 4 - Where Are They Now?

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Most of the projects I made as a kid in 4-H, I made for myself and kept for many years. Most of two to three dozen twin-bed-sized afghans I made are in storage at my parents’ house now, but I still use some of my other childhood/teenage projects.
One example is the pale lavender triple-stranded wagon wheel rug I crocheted when I was approximately 14 years old. It is still used in my bedroom more than 15 years later. And it has held up very well, despite all of the frequent washings and all of my dogs who have loved to sleep on it whenever they have the opportunity. It's much more "furry" today than it was when it was new, but it still serves it's original purpose well.
3 photos of the wagon wheel rug - one laid out on a hardwood floor. 1 with a chocolate Lab laying upside down on top of the rug, and one with a yellow Lab resting her chin on the rug. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed a great shift in my crocheting habits in that now a majority of the projects I make are given as gifts (or donated to charities), - e.x. of my last 25 crochet projects, 15 were given as gifts and another 1 was donated to a charity. Unfortunately, more often than not, after the gifts are opened I don’t tend to hear much about these projects ever again. The ones that are given to family members, I occasionally witnessed being used/appreciated though, which is always nice to see. :-)


  1. What a neat rug! I can't believe you made so many twin-size blankets, though, wow!

  2. Yeah, I went through a very long blanket phase. LOL