Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 4 - Where Are They Now?

The majority of my crochet projects are gifts for other people, and I usually don't hear anything about them past the giving. I've gotten better about making projects for myself, too. Today's post is about revisiting an old project.

I completed my Circular Motion Sweater in the Spring of 2009, so I've had a couple years to wear it and break it in. It is a pattern from Lion Brand Yarn, and I crocheted mine in NaturallyCaron Country yarn using the Naturally and Sunset colorways. Here's what it looked like when first completed:
Circular Motion sweater Spring '09
Here's what it looks like now:
Circular Motion Sweater March 2011
The big thing I noticed is that the yarn has grown, so the sweater gets longer over time hung in the closet or being worn. I've begun storing it folded in a drawer to help thwart gravity. Also, the sleeve seams had to be re sewn this winter, because they'd begun to unravel under the arms. We didn't know some sturdier seaming methods at the time that we know now. There is some pilling and snags on bell sleeves/cuffs, but overall, my sweater has held up pretty well as time has passed. The same can be said for most of my crocheted items.
Some of my crocheted items that I've kept

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