Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 3 - Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

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This topic made me giggle in embarrassment, because I honestly don’t really have an organizational system for my yarn. I used to only buy yarn when I had a specific project to make with it. I was much more careful to only buy as much as I needed for the project - in part because I couldn’t afford to spend too much on yarn, and also I didn’t want to have a lot of extra to have to deal with storing in my small living space. However, over the last couple of years I’ve been given or acquired a little bit of “extra” yarn - probably less than 20 skeins currently. It’s all stored in box – semi-sorted by color and weight, but I really don't put much effort into organizing it, because there's so little it's not really necessary.
close-up of a variety of bright colors and sizes of metal crochet hooks and knitting needles laying on a tan canvas surface. My hooks and needles and all other yarn-crafting supplies (scissors, stitch markers, darning needle, tape measure, etc) are stored in a zip-top bags together in my project basket/bag. My chocolate Lab laying beside my crochet basket/bag that is filled with a partially completed rainbow rectangle rug.
My printed patterns aren’t really organized either, because I have very few. They are all just in a folder together. I have many patterns stored my computer though – which are organized by item type.
I've always been diligent about photographing crochet projects when I complete them - this probably stems from 4-H and all the records we had to keep on projects for our yearly project reports. So, when I began my personal blog back in early 2004, I did post about my crochet projects, though not with as much detail as I do now. close up of a bunch of different colored skeins of yarn.And since Kimberly and I have started this blog, Crocheting Blind, I tend to share more specific details about the making of each project here than I do on my personal blog. Also, since I finally gave in and joined Ravelry, I do make an effort to update my account there whenever I finish a project. However, if I make multiples of the same item I've kind of gotten out of the habit of making repeat posts about them here, even though I do list them separately on my Ravelry account.
So all-in-all, my yarncrafting is much more organized on the computer/internet than in person. LOL

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