Crochet Project Christmas Catch Up: Snowflake Table Runner

It took me 3 months to complete this Snowflake Table Runner for my mother-in-law. I used this free pattern from Red Heart, using an I hook. I substituted Bernat Happy Holidays in White Sparkle, since I couldn't find Red Heart Holiday yarn anywhere locally. The table runner was made up of 3 rows of small snowflake motifs, joined as you go. The project took so long because I got sick of crocheting snowflakes and worked on other Christmas gifts in between.

Once the table runner was finished, I washed it, and then we blocked the heck out of all the snowflakes. It took every pin we had in the house, but it was gorgeous. We wrapped it with two glittery white pine cone flameless candles for a complete holiday table "look".
Snowflake table runner with pine cone candles
Edge of the snowflake table runner
Glittery flameless pine cone candle
Snowflake motif
Glittery table runner matches glittery pine cone candles


  1. Very cool project, but I now understand why you were sick of making snowflakes. LOL

  2. I am STILL sick of making snowflakes. I'll be surprised if I make anything with snowflakes for next Christmas either.


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