Crochet Project: Snowman Family

Using a free pattern from Bernat Design Studio, that my fellow Crocheting Blind blogger Kimberly sent me, this week I made 2 sets of this snowman family for my Mom and Sister as holiday gifts. Plus, I made just one of the large snowman for myself, because they’re really cute (I might go ahead and make myself the whole family at some point, since I have plenty of yarn left over).
three photos of little crocheted snowmen. They have white bodies with silver sparkley thread woven in. They have black round eyes, orange triangle nose, red line mouths, brown stick arms, and crocheted scarves tied around their necks made of various brightly colored yarns.
Making the bodies of the snowman is easy if you're okay working in rounds. The biggest challenge on this project for me was all the little finishing details, because I embroidered on the face and arms with yarn instead of sewing on buttons like the pattern did (I'm not so great at embroidery). I also crocheted little scarves for each snowman instead of making them out of felt strips like the pattern suggested. And I ended up using Red Heart Holiday yarn in white/silver for the snowman bodies, because by the time I decided to make these. the Bernat Holiday yarn the pattern used was out of stock everywhere I looked.


  1. I had the opposite problem - I couldn't find Red Heart Holiday yarn when I needed it for my brother and his fiance's Christmas stockings, so I used Bernat Happy Holidays yarn instead. :-) Your snowmen people are sooooo cute! I think your details are great!

  2. I'd seen it earlier this Fall in the stores, but when I needed it I couldn't find the holiday yarn in either brand around here. And the Bernat was out of stock everywhere I looked online too. Luckily I finally found some of the Red heart online (and actually ended up buying an extra skein of it, just in case). I considered just using regular white, but the silvery ribbon in it does make their bodies look more snow-like. Thanks! :-)