Crochet Project: Magenta Wristers

Using the All Season Wristers pattern from Lion Brand Yarns, last week I made a set of fingerless-gloves for my Sister as a holiday gift.
Four photos of the purplish-pink fleece wristers - one on my hands, one  close-up of the fuzzy fleece stitching, one of the gloves llaying out on  a dark wooden surface, and one closer-up on my hand.
I’ve made this pattern before - as a part of my Amazing Winter Set - and really like it, though I always have to customize the sizing a bit (they're sizes are really big on my hands). The pattern is easy to modify for correct sizing though, since you can try on the project as it is being made. (They may look a bit big on my hands modeling them in the photos, but my Sister has larger hands than I do.)
I used a small size F hook and some of the Magenta colored Knit One Crochet Too Fleece yarn that was a birthday gift to me from my fellow Crocheting Blind blogger friend Kimberly. The fleece yarn is interesting - it doesn’t show the stitches as much as regular yarn, which is kind of neat, but also could make it a bit trickier to work with for some people too. I can feel the stitches in it much easier than I can see them, so I found it better to NOT try to look at what I was working on (which was a nice break for my eyes). The yarn, and the resulting fingerless gloves are really nice and soft. I’m sure my Sister will love them. :-)


  1. Those are really nice! I'm sure your sister will love them. I have to tackle another Christmas project using the same fleece yarn soon, and I find it challenging to work with, but the projects are always so soft and squishy once complete.

  2. LOL Yes, I love how soft these are too - it kinda makes the challenge of the yarn worth it. :-)