Crochet Project: Felted Sheep

I spent much of Tuesday and Thursday this week crocheting and then felting these adorable sheep. I used the Little White Lamb pattern from Felted Crochet by Jane Davis. I used Stitch Nation Full O' Sheep yarn in Black Sheep and Little Lamb, and Fun Fur yarn in White.

Tuesday's sheep was done according to the pattern as written, using an N hook for the body, head, and tail, and an I hook for the legs, muzzle, and ears. The double-crocheted body had some big holes in it once felted. So, for Thursday's sheep, I used an L hook and a G hook. The holes were much smaller, and I was able to fill the biggest one in by sewing. I think the body should just be crocheted in single crochet, like the head, legs, and muzzle are, to prevent those big gaps. Hubby crocheted blue eyes out of embroidery floss for the small sheep.

The second sheep is a gift to a Love Inspired author who we hope to meet this weekend. She knits, and loves anything and everything sheep. Her knitting blog is a fun and entertaining read.

 Felted sheep - side view
Felted sheep - front view


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