Crochet Project: Hubby's Felted Hat

This was a Christmas project I started on our vacation a couple weeks ago, and finished last week. It was my first attempt at a felted item, and it is a big FAIL, which is why it is now a hat for Hubby. It will fit his head, but it would be humongous on the person I had in mind. I used this free pattern, although I used Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn in Blue Skyways and a K hook. I didn't have the pattern with me when I found the yarn at the LYS, and I thought the pattern called for bulky yarn. Once I realized the pattern was for worsted, I decided to try it anyway, knowing that felting something makes it shrink. It did shrink, just not enough. Hoping attempt # 2 will turn out better.
Hubby's hat, before felting
Just how big was that hat anyway?!
Hubby's felted hat

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  1. Well, I guess it was good practice. Hope you have better luck with the second attempt.


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