Crochet Project: Meadow Socks

I've had two skeins of Knit Picks Stroll Multi yarn in the "meadow" colorway for quite awhile, that I had tried at least three other projects with before I found one I really liked... no, not another scarf. Socks!
socks modeled on feet - the socks are made of yarn that is dark chocolate brown with small sections of lime green and magenta.
For my Meadow Socks I used a size D hook and this Step-by-step socks pattern. As an experienced crocheter, I found this pattern writeup more than a little cluttered/bloated and somewhat more difficult to navigate than it should be for relatively simple socks, thanks to all the extra, and in my opinion unnecessary, details that are included. I suppose this pattern might be good for a beginner crocheter and/or anyone who has never made socks before (if you have some usable vision) because there are lots of pictures accompanying every single step of the project from how to make a foundation chain to how to finish off the completed sock. However, if you are so new to crochet that you don't know the basics (like how to make a slip knot, a chain stitch, a single crochet stitch, a double crochet stitch, etc.), I would definitely NOT recommend socks for your very first project ever. I've been crocheting for around 25 years and sometimes sock patterns still give me more trouble than they're worth. Nonetheless, for those who wish to give socks a try, this pattern - worked in my preferred method, from the toes up, so you can try them on as you go - can yield very nice results.
It's always fun to see how multi-colored yarn is going to work up, and these turned out with a very unique color pattern.
Close up of the wide zig-zag design the yarn makes on the foot section of the socks Close-up of the skinny diagonal lines of the cuffs which alternate from pink and green to brown.
I worked the toe sections of my socks to 52 stitches as written. Then, I worked foot sections approximately 23 rounds. I didn’t need any increases or decreases in this section, as described in the pattern, since the resulting fabric closely fit the contours of my foot well. I noticed there was A Better Short Row Heel pattern posted more recently on the same blog as the original sock pattern, so I ended up using that for the heel sections of my socks instead of the one included in the sock pattern, because this “better” pattern does make a nice, less holey heel. The only modification I made to this pattern is that I did work a couple of extra increases near the end of the heel turn to give a little more room for getting the fitted socks on/off over my heels/ankles (since this is always the problem area for me with crocheted socks as a result of them generally not being very stretchy like knitted socks are). Then, I continued on to the sock cuffs, working the "grit stitch" pattern until I ran out of yarn.
Completed socks laid out on a flat, white surface. Another shot of the socks on my feet, giving a better view of the heel section of the socks
This resulted in nice, warm, mid-calf length socks. My feet were protesting having to model them since it's the middle of summer here, but I'm sure the socks will be great in the winter.

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