Crochet Project: Petals Scarf

Well, it is another day of freezing wind and snow flurries here in the Midwest where winter will just not let go, but my latest completed crochet project makes me think of springtime sunshine, daffodils and forsythia bushes.
Bright yellow scarf made up of a stitch texture that looks and feels like tiny flower petals.
Last weekend I found a large unlabeled skein of bright yellow, acrylic, probably sport-weight yarn in a box of stuff my Mom had brought over to my house a while back. I quickly decided that the yarn would be perfect for this Spring Petals Scarf pattern. This is a simple pattern that was great for working on during another long trip back and forth for an eye surgery-related appointment early in the week. It’s quick to work up, but makes a very pretty and complex looking/feeling scarf.
Scarf project, just a few rows done, with a big ball of yarn beside it and a skinny blue metal crochet hook through a loop of yarn on the project. Scarf project in progress, about half way done.
Close up of rounded petal stitching that makes the scarf have scalloped edges. Completed yellow petal scarf laying on a wooden surface.
Since I used a thinner yarn than the pattern called for, I used a smaller (size E) hook and I started with 45 chains for nine little petals. I just repeated the pattern until I had used up all of my yarn. As a result, this scarf is plenty long – 62 inches by 5.5 inches - which is great for warmth on chilly days since it is a somewhat lighter weight scarf.
Yellow petals scarf being modeled around a person's neck.

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