Crochet Project: Striped Small Dog Sweater

The last canine family member's holiday gift crochet project was a striped small dog sweater for my Mom's little dog, Riley.
Riley is often dressed in a sweater or coat to keep him warm in the winter, so I had originally planned to just make him a new sweater from my dog sweater pattern, like the one I made him last year. But one day I decided to check out some other dog sweater patterns anyway, to see if there was another one I might like to try for him.
I really liked the look of the long stitch striped design in this Crochet Dog Sweater pattern, so I decided to make it for Riley instead of my own pattern. I used a size J hook and more Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the blue and Heartfelt colorways for this sweater.
6 photos of a small blue striped dog sweater being constructed and completed, laying out flat across the keyboard of my laptop.
Unfortunately, Riley (a chihuahua-terrier mix) is a little guy but he's extra long-bodied, so I had to modify this pattern quite a bit to get a sweater that would fit him correctly. I needed to make a size in between the small and medium, with a lot of extra length. Thankfully, the pattern was very easy to change where needed to in order to achieve the appropriate size. I didn't record all the little changes I made, but basically I followed the instructions for a small sized sweater and just added in a few more stitches and rows everywhere. I also continued to work the pattern for the back part of the sweater many more rows to make it long enough to cover Riley's long body. The pattern was quick to make; I finished the sweater in two evenings, and I could have done it all in one night, but I wanted to double-check the fit before finishing it off.
Sorry, I don't have any photos of Riley in his sweater yet, but I have been told he has been wearing it when he goes outside and that it fits him perfectly.
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