Crochet Project: Mini Dog Sweater-Jacket

On Friday while I was visiting my parents house, I quickly crocheted a mini version of the Dog Sweater-Jacket for my Mom's tiny Chihuahua-terrier mix. I followed my original pattern, but this time I worked it with only one strand of worsted weight yarn, using a much smaller (size H) hook. My Mom and her camera-shy dog love it! :-)
3 photos of the little crocheted sweater made of a variegated yarn in orange, yellow and white. Left: close-up of little black dog looking into the camera wearing his new sweater. Middle: sweater laid flat on gray tile background. Right: Side view of little black dog in the bright orange/yellow/white sweater jacket.


  1. Hello I am trying to learn how to crochet, however, lol the foundation chain I am having trouble with. Any suggestions? I am blind. Thanks.

  2. What exactly are you having problems with in the foundation chain?
    Basically to make a chain you first need to make a slip knot in your yarn. Then slip the loop of it over the end of your hook. Most people hold the hook in their right hand and weave the yarn from the ball or skein through the fingers of the left hand, over the left index finger. Then you'll hold the end of the slip knot between the thumb and middle finger of your left hand. Then move your hook under the strand of yarn that is coming over your index finger, wrapping the yarn from back to front around the shaft of the hook. Use the hook to draw the yarn through the loop of the slip knot on the hook and you've made a single chain stitch! Then just keep repeating that motion of drawing the yarn from back to front around the hook and pulling it through the loop on the hook to make more chain stitches.
    Once you understand how to make the chain stitch itself, then you'll just have to practice a lot to get comfortable making them evenly - all the same size. When I was learning to crochet my teacher had me make what felt like miles and miles of foundation chains. LOL
    I hope that helps. Good luck!