Crochet Project: Double Up 4 Vision Scarves

So this post is a couple weeks late, but it's a good one! These are the scarves Hubby & I made for the Double Up 4 Vision silent auction (which ended up canceled due to rain). Some of the photos are cell phone shots taken during Panera craft group meetings, and others are ones I took at home.

My scarf was made using a skein of Knit One Crochet Too Fringe in a red/orange colorway and 3/4 of a skein of Bamboo Bloom by Universal Yarn in the Roe (coral) colorway. I used a K hook and did alternating rows of treble crochets & rows of single crochets. I changed between yarns in big chunky sections.

Double Up 4 Vision Scarf Complete - Panera picture
Double Up 4 Vision Scarf stitches close
Double Up 4 Vision Scarf Done
Kim working on Double Up 4 Vision scarf at Panera craft group in March

Hubby's scarf is simply stunning, and I'm so proud of him for finishing it on time! He used a skein of Swallow Hill Creations Rayon 5 Wt in the Medium Blue Colorway and matching blue seed beads, and a teeny tiny hook, I think a size D. The pattern was a mesh lace with bead rows every other row. He added long tassels at both ends of the scarf for a finished look.

Hubby shows off the start of his Double Up 4 Vision scarf at Panera craft group in March
Hubby's finished scarf - Panera picture
Hubby's finished scarf
I love how the beads are visible in this photo I took of Hubby's scarf

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  1. Sorry to hear the auction was canceled, but both of these scarves are really neat!


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