WIP Wednesday 2/8/12

I'm back to working on 3 projects at once again. Over the last week, thanks mostly to our Yarn Bowl during the big game Sunday night, I added another 10 rows to the Car Seat blanket. I also added another few rows to the foot on one of my Entrelac Socks. And I started a Tunisian Knit Stitch square for the Tunisian Pillow CAL. Those stitches majorly want to curl up, so I had to hold the square open with heavy objects.

yellow Tunisian Knit Stitch square partially doneTunisian Knit Stitch square
entrelac socks in shades of blue with the feet partially doneFew more rows done on one Entrelac sock foot
white and pastel baby colors Car Seat blanket with 40 rows completeCar Seat blanket - 40 rows complete

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