Crochet Project: New Year's Shawl

I haven't yet finished two of the last three crochet projects I've started (which I'll try to remember to blog about for WIP Wednesday sometime), but last Friday I started another project anyway. And I finished it up last night. The pattern is called a New Year's Shawl, so (despite the fact that the first couple weeks of my new year haven't been so stellar), I figured now was a good time to make it.
5 photos of the shawl in progress. The yarn colorway is berry shades of  purples, pinks and reds, and worked up giving the triangular-shaped  shawl a striped pattern.
For awhile now I had wanted to make this particular shawl out of some KnitPicks Chroma fingering weight yarn in the "U-Pick" colorway that I had in my stash. However, I knew my gauge would not be anywhere close to correct. I didn’t want to use a hook any bigger than an H with this fingering weight yarn though, so I ended up adding to the number of rows in the pattern to get closer to the right size.

I made a silly mistake toward the beginning (and somehow didn’t notice until much later) so I had to frog and restart, but I worked the first 3/4 of the pattern (rows 1 - 39) as written. Then I went back and worked rows 28 - 39 again, before going on to the finishing rows, 40 & 41. The repeat of this section gets the shawl to the correct dimensions - 52 by 26 inches. Even though I had to make this slight modification due to my lighter weight yarn, I really like how it turned out. The pattern was easy to follow and enjoyable to make.

I hadn't realized quite how much pink this particular yarn colorway included until I had started working it up though. So, I may not end up keeping this shawl for myself as originally planned, since I'm not a huge fan of pink stuff. With all the work I put into it, I'd hate for the shawl to never be used. So, I may donate it to my next online fundraiser auction for my guide dog puppy sponsorship project.


  1. if you use it in the auction, I'm sure there will be a bidding war on it, because I'll start it ;-) Such pretty colors, and the shawl pattern really shows them off very well.

    1. Haha... thanks! I'm glad you like it. This one will probably go to the auction, but I might make another from this pattern for myself sometime.