Crochet Project: Handspun Bouquet Scarf

First, I need to thank Laura for taking up my slack over the last two weeks. :-) My computer became infected with mal-ware, which eventually led to needing to completely rebuild it with new parts. This included an upgrade to Windows 7 and reinstalling everything. However, having a dead computer left me plenty of reading and crocheting time!

I finished crocheting my Handspun Bouquet scarf on Jan. 9th. I originally saw this yarn on author Allie Pleiter's knitting blog, DestiKNITions when she knitted a scarf with it, and I knew I had to try crocheting it. I waited for Cyber Monday, and snagged a skein on sale.

The yarn is Hand Spun Bouquet by Pagewood Farms, and I used the Natural with Floral and Green colorway. The yarn is a thick-and-thin roving, with felted flowers and leaves scattered at various points along the yarn strand. You can move the flowers slightly on the strand, but you can't radically change their placement.

This yarn benefits from hook-led projects, so I tried using a couple big hooks and settled on using an L hook. The yarn is very warm, so I knew I wanted an airy project. I made up a pattern of treble crochets and chains, with a row of trebles to start & end the scarf and give the ends a bit of weight. I made sure to place all the flowers on the right side of my scarf, though some on the edges like to turn under a bit.

I loved working the scarf, wondering when the next flower might show up, and what color it would be. Thanks to the mostly-bulky yarn, it only took me a couple hours over two or three days to finish my scarf, but I'm not a fast crocheter. My only complaint is that the last third of the scarf is bare of flowers, because they ended when I still had a good chunk of the yarn ball left to use. I've gotten lots of questions and compliments when I've worn my newest scarf. I love it! :-)

felted pink flower and green leaves on my scarf
blue, purple, pink, and lilac felted flowers scattered along my scarf
Completed Handspun Bouquet Scarf


  1. That is really interesting yarn, and a great project to make with it. Too bad the flowers ran out before the end of the yarn.

  2. The whole thing has great character, for sure. I think I'll tuck the flowerless end under the other end or over the back of my shoulder when I wear the scarf again.


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