Crochet Project: Ruffle Scarf

I began this Ruffle Scarf as a CAL with another member of the Panera craft group, but she had a hard time finding her stitches in the yarn and did not complete her scarf. I worked on mine whenever the Panera group met. I finished it last Saturday and washed and dried it today. The Panera group meets tonight, so I'll have a Finished Object to show. :-)

The pattern for this particular Ruffle Scarf is a free one from Lion Brand. I used their suggested yarn (Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in pistachio) and hook, which is a K hook. The pattern was easy to memorize and the scarf looks more complex then it really is, so you look like a crocheting genius. Who doesn't love those kind of patterns?

I think this scarf would also look great in one of the variegated colorways, but my local store only had solids. The yarn was soft and easy to work with, and softened up even more after washing. The yarn band says hand wash and dry flat, but I used the hand wash setting on my washing machine and dried it in the dryer on very low heat for two short cycles.

I'm wearing my green Ruffle Scarf looped once around my neck; I took the photo using a mirror so the bottom of my face and the camera are visible at the top of the photoRuffle Scarf, finished!

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